Rahpouyan J.S. is an Iranian leading agricultural holding group which was established in 2004 in Tehran, Iran. Since then Rahpouyan .J.S. has coordinated its policy and production to gain customers’ satisfaction due to this fact that our customers are blood of our business. 

We provide products and services for customers around the world.  All of us are fully committed to deliver our products with premium quality. Rahpouyan products are as below:

·                     Mechanized greenhouse;

·                     Water tanks;

·                     Fish farming tanks;

·                     Mushroom growing house;

·                     Conifer plants.

We have also been as a member of following Chamber of commerce:

·                     Iran-Holland Chamber of commerce;

·                     Iran-Portugal Chamber of commerce;

·                     Iran- Iraq Chamber of commerce;

·                     Iran-Africa Chamber of commerce.