Hydroponic System


Irrigation & Fertigation Controlling Unit-Hydroponic 



•    Controlling the irrigation system of 4 greenhouse units individually;

•    Dividing and managing each greenhouse unit into 8 sections;

•    Managing 4 various nutrient formulas with time cycle selection for each greenhouse unit and section individually;

•    Setting irrigation program weekly (ability to choose week days for irrigation) and daily;

•    Ability to set programs for 24 hours per day;

•    Controlling an acid tank and max. 4 fertigation tanks;

•    With a water level sensor in inlet to prevent form unit drought and making problems for electro pump and its sensors;

•    Using 2 EC and 2 PH sensors for increasing the unit accuracy;

•    Pressure sensor for preventing any problems while the water pressure is high during irrigation;

•    Ability to control the unit automatically or manually;

•    With water temperature sensor for increasing the unit accuracy during irrigation and fertigation;

•    With protection system against Electrical oscillations, power overload and short circuit;

•    Graphic display;

•    Displaying the defects for user’s guide;

•    With alarm;

•    Language Menu: English and Persian. Ability to add new languages according to client’s request.